We are official representatives and distributions of the following brands

Korloy - Corea

Renowned world producer of cutting tools. Present throughout the world through its headquarters on all continents. An innovative manufacturer with excellent reviews in the field of tool with an exchangeable tool for turning, milling, threading, drilling, cutting and connecting carbide drills and HSS-E cutters

Kyocera - Japan

Renowned Japanese manufacturer of cutting edge tools for the metalworking industry for any application. Milling machines with replaceable blocks, hard metal drills and replaceable cartridges, turning blocks and holders, holders for internal machining, dynamic bar with anti-vibration features up to 5.5D, blocks for threading, drills, cutting, etc.

YG1 - Corea

Korean manufacturer of tools for milling, turning and drilling with interchangeable carbide plates, drills and thread cutting tools according to the thread milling method HSS-E and HSS-PM cutters, HSS, HSS-E and HSS-PM drills according to DIN338, DIN340, hole drill bits up to 30xD, carbide bits and HSS-E, edge trimming tool

Carmes - Israel

Israeli manufacturer of thread cutting tools for every application, holders for internal and external threading, holders and plates for thread milling by the method of thread milling with interchangeable plates and carbide, PICCO holders for processing small openings Dmin=3 mm, thread milling cutters

Winstar - Taiwan

Taiwanese manufacturers of cutting tools for milling, drilling and turning with the best value for money. It also manufactures carbide end mill drills and NC spot drill with interchangeable insert

M.A. Ford - USA

A leading manufacturer of standard and special carbide tools. Formed back in 1919. In its program it offers carbide milling cutters, drills, roto milling cutters, routers and custom tools

Osawa - Italy

Brand name of the Italian company Sorma. In its program it offers HSS and HSSCo milling cutters and drills as well as carbide drills without and with cooling through the tool as well as carbide and roto milling cutters

Yamawa - Japan

A Japanese manufacturer that is number 1 in the world in thread cutting. The company exists since 1923. In its program, it offers high-quality thread cutters and stoppers according to DIN333.

Fanar - Poland

Polish manufacturer of threading tools with a 50-year tradition, presence in over 40 countries and over 20,000 different products. Everything for drilling and threading

Izar - Spain

Spanish manufacturer of professional tools. It has been around since 1910 and offers a wide selection of tools in HSS, HSSCo and carbide variants for tapping, thread cutting, milling, turning

Amec - USA
Wohlhaupter - Germany

Tools for drilling, turning and threading. Drills are cylindrical and are accepted in standard, long and extra long versions. Drills with replaceable cartridges in various qualities that allow the processing of all materials. Drilling heads

Schult - Netherlands

Dutch manufacturer of measuring and control tools. Digital and analog subleri dlabinometers, height meters, comparators, push buttons, micrometer stand, comparator stand, subitors, set controls, opening controls, thread controls, agglomer, measuring rods, measuring combs, etc.

Amada - Japan

Japanese manufacturer of band saws and metal cutting machines with more than 70 years of tradition. It produces endless and circular saws for metal HSS-BiMetal with carbide teeth. Known for the production of metal cutting machines.

Sword - Poland

Polish manufacturer of endless saws for cutting metal, wood. Manufactures saws for metal, wood and cutting frozen food. Excellent ratio of price and quality

Rego-Fix - Switzerland

Swiss manufacturer of professional tools and accessories. A tool with a tradition that dates back to 1950. Power-Grip is an innovative solution that is currently the best way to grip the tool. Offers tools BT, DIN6981, HSK, REGO-FIX Capto,

Kitagawa - Japan

Clamping heads (American), washers, clamps, NC rotary chairs

AMF - Germany

Zero-Point systems, system with standard clamps, system with magnetic clamping, system with vacuum tension, hydraulic clamps.

Kintek - Italy

Italian manufacturer of machine tool holders. Tradition since 1989. Sirko range of holders at great prices. European product. Goneti tools for CNC lathes, Tools according to DIN69871, Mas BT, HSK, DIn2080 Test bar for DIN6981, BT, HSK

Teknik - Turkey

Lathe holders, milling heads, thread holders, cutting holders and drills with exchangeable plates at great prices. Holders according to DIN69871, Mas BT, DIN2080, self-tapping screws for drilling with Morze driski, clamping tubes for automatic machines at excellent prices

Gurkan - Turkey

Lathe holders, milling heads, thread holders, cutting holders and drills with exchangeable plates at great prices. Holders according to DIN69871, Mas BT, DIN2080, self-tapping screws for drilling with Morze driski, clamping tubes for automatic machines at excellent prices

Grattec - Germany

Tool for deburring, deburring and chamfering, thread cleaning tool Promo packages, wear in HSS, HSS-TiN and HSSCo version. A wide range of packages

Hermes - Germany

Renowned manufacturer of abrasives. Sanding plates for cutting, sanding flaps for sanding metal, sanding papers in rolls and sheets for metal, wood and non-metals and polishing for cars. Special program for polishing cars. Grinding-Finishing-Polishing

BlueShark - China

Manufacturer of abrasives with the best price/quality ratio on the market. High quality cutting boards with the target grain for excellent drainage of the material and a long life. A wide range of zirconia flaps as well as flaps for cleaning rusty parts and removing old paint

Master Technichs - Serbia

Private company formed in 1974. Which deals with the production of grinding stones of different dimensions, quality and shape with a resin (bakelite) coating.

Belgin oil - Turkey

Turkish producer of industrial oils and fats with tradition since 1953. A wide range of oils for emulsions for metal processing, production of pipes and profiles, processing of galvanized sheets, oils for hydraulic presses, deep drawing, compressors, forging, casting of aluminum and all types of oils.

Atlantic - China

Number 1 manufacturer of Welding Consumables in China. There are more than 70 years, production facilities over 100,000 m2 and production over 1,000,000 tons. annually. Produces welding material SMAW, GMAW, MIG, TIG, Non-metal welding, Filled wire, Oxigen wire and welding powder. Grinding-Finishing-Polishing

Jasic - China

Chinese manufacturer of welding machines MMA/MIG/TIG and plasma cutting, spare parts for the same and service, consumables for welding, protective equipment for welding, Tungsten electrodes for Tig welding, Masks for welding, Robots for welding.

Alcon - Turkey

Turkish producer for technical chemistry. It has been in existence since 1998. A wide range of tecni metali for the repair of steel, aluminum and bronze and for the production of cold metals. Solution for the repair of surfaces exposed to abrasion. Glues for screws, securing bearings, sprays and degreasing, cleaning and moisturizing products. Oily race changing cream.

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